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Keep Telling Yourself...

You think it's all smiles, dimples, laughs and fun
You read all the books, you read every one

You think and you plan, you scrimp and you save
She's seven months now, you try to behave

Gone are the days of women and wine
You tell yourself it will all be fine

Her days are getting long now, she needs her rest
You don't know what she wants, but you do your best

The day has come! You drive like hell
Your friends and family wish you well

A Boy or a girl? You say you don't mind
You secretly hope he's the masculine kind

The time has finally come, the moment of truth
The end of your innocence, release of your youth

You come down the hall, you hold high your son
Back slaps and high fives from everyone

You buckle the car seat, you know just what to do, this is it
A year goes by, she's pregnant, you realize... you don't know shit


I had lunch the other day next to this doe eyed couple who were clearly very proud of themselves for taking their brand new baby out of the house for the first time.  Just made me think of how naive I was at that time too.


Janine Huldie said...

Oh I can totally relate to this. I had two children and they are 16 months apart. My oldest is 3 years old now and younger is almost 2 years old. When I see parents with newborns, I pretty much think the same thoughts as you reiterated here. Wonderful blog and thanks for the follow on Twitter and happy to join in and comment too. Please feel free to visit my blog too at Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

This world is ours and it's our job to make it ready for the next generation

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